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6 Clusters for 1 Mission

Evolute project

The EVOLUTE project, standing for “wE striVe fOr cLUsTer Excellence in the Automotive and Land Machine Industry” join the forces of 6 clusters of ALM Industry suppliers from Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Serbia and Spain.

The aim is helping companies and their employees to be prepared for future challenges (e.g. disruptive developments, digital & green transformation, challenges due to Covid-19) through new offers and services.

The consortium brings together six European cluster organisations: Wirtschaftsforderung Raum Heilbronn Gmbh (Germany – Coordinator), Asociacion Cluster de Automocion de Aragon (Spain), Cluster de la Maquinaria i dels Medis De Produccio Agricola de Catalunya (Spain), Automobilski Klaster Srbije (Serbia), COMET – Cluster Metalmeccanica Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) and Moravskoslezsky Automobilovy Klastr (Czech Republic).

Main objectives of the project, co-financed by the European Union’s COSME programme under the call COS-CLUSTER-2020-3-03, include:

  • tailoring services for SMEs to support the industries transition;
  • enabling efficient Up- & Re-skilling of the workforce across industrial ecosystems in the light of transitions
  • increasing peer2peer learning and allowing the matchmaking of cluster members, also through the ClusterXChange programme;
  • improving the capabilities of partner clusters to address new and emerging markets;
  • establish an exchange of personnel among cluster participants and participating SMEs
  • fostering innovation throughout the member companies for world class products and services


Activities will be addressed towards cluster managers and their staff, too.

EVOLUTE project is aimed to further professionalize the cluster management through benchmarking, exchange of knowledge and expertise, skills improvement and the development of new (individual and joint) strategies.

Interregional collaboration will be also pursue also by implementing the so-called ClusterXChange (new) pilot scheme to support short-term exchanges among enterpreneurs and cluster management staff to better connect the different industrial ecosystems.  Those short-term exchanges will be used to learn from counterparts, explore growth opportunities in new markets, take up new technologies, digitalisation and green low-carbon solutions or  invest in strategic interregional collaboration.


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